Current Position Openings

Due to the high volume of communications that pass through our office every day, we kindly request that you do not submit unsolicited resumes…with one exception: we do accept open applications for entry-level positions on an ongoing basis. Apply to join our talent community today by submitting your resume online here.

Our study abroad division also posts positions that are based both in the United States and overseas. If you’re interested in applying, visit the CET Academic Programs website. We do not sponsor US employment visas.

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA), a non profit founded by the owners of ATA, is currently hiring. The mission of the FEA is to provide scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented among the U.S. study abroad population. Please find the job listings below and visit the FEA website to learn more.

Open Positions at ATA

Check back soon for open positions!

Who do we hire?

Work at ATA is fast-paced and challenging, because we believe in work/life balance. That means working smarter, not harder (or longer!), is a must. We hire capable professionals who skillfully manage time, pay close attention to detail, and always keep the customer experience front of mind.

Education is integral to our mission, so we like learners to join our team. We look for naturally curious people who love to learn and never assume that they already know it all. 

ATA empowers its employees to make decisions. We hire intelligent, critically thinking people with sound judgment. And then we trust them to use it.

ATA values direct, respectful communication from every member of the team — no exceptions. We hire thoughtful interpersonal communicators who say what they mean, deliver on their promises, and understand the importance of having strong relationships at work.

As an organization that is continually striving to improve, we seek eager contributors who see problems as opportunities for success and can lead initiatives at all levels of the organization.

Our organization and industry are growing. We hire creative people who are able to think ahead and prepare for challenges coming down the line.

ATA is dedicated to increasing global understanding through education and travel. We hire people who connect with our goal, share our values, and are inspired to help us reach our vision.

ATA thrives on ideas born out of teamwork and collaboration. We look for people who work effectively in teams, by bringing a positive attitude, humility, and a sense of humor to the table.