Our Commitment to Sustainability

Decarbonization with Cool Effect

As part of our ongoing efforts towards sustainability and our commitment to the Glasgow Declaration, we’ve partnered with Cool Effect to mitigate the impact of our carbon footprint. Cool Effect is a nonprofit focused on reducing carbon emissions through scientifically-proven, hand-selected carbon projects all around the world.

For each trip taken by one of our staff members, travelers, or students, we donate in support of three carbon projects chosen by staff volunteers every year. In our first year, we’re proud to have invested over $30,000 and are excited for our Decarbonization Fund to grow alongside us moving forward. Learn more about Cool Effect and how we work together or donate to support a carbon project of your choice.

Eco-Friendly Practices


Conservation is always on our mind. We share by screen, not paper, whenever we can. And we encourage our employees and travelers to use public transportation when possible.


We use as many reusable office and kitchen supplies as possible—from forks to chopsticks to white boards. We stock plenty of cups and mugs in our office, too. Goodbye one-use plastic bottles!


In our DC headquarters, we compost and recycle, and use 100% recycled paper. In other offices around the world, we purchase recycled and eco-friendly products whenever possible.


The more of the world you see, the more responsibility for the world you share. We encourage travelers to be not only green minded, but locally minded, and respectful of regional efforts and cultural practices.