Partnership, ATA style

We love to collaborate. Ask any of our partners what they appreciate most about ATA and they’ll mention our collaborative approach to partnership. We listen to your needs. We respond to your concerns. And we help you design a travel program or create an event that is perfect for you, your organization, and your members.

Organizations we work with:


How the process works

1. You reach out to us.

Our office door is always open. More importantly, you can close that door whenever you'd like. We understand that it's hard to take a first step if there's pressure for that step to become a mile. Rest assured that when you reach out to us, we meet you where you are and we follow your pace. Whether your new to educational travel or a seasoned travel veteran, whether you have a fully formed game plan or just the sketch of an idea, contact us. We're here to help.

2. We help you pinpoint your exact needs.

Present your problem or goal to us. Maybe you need help with bookings or want to enhance your brand with a travel program. Perhaps you're struggling with conference planning or implementing new travel technology. We'll ask some questions to get a full understanding of the situation—from timeline and budget to challenges and goals—and, together, agree on this assessment of your needs.

3. We explore what partnership with us might look like.

Once we understand what your needs are, we draw connecting lines between those needs and our services. We show you how we can meet your needs, and offer ideas on how best to shape our partnership. Perhaps you need only one of our services to target a specific issue. Maybe you're looking for a complete travel partner who provides you an extensive list of varied services. Either way, our goal with this step is to determine how we can make our partnership—large or small—a win-win.

4. We establish next steps.

We determine what the next best step is..where do we go from here? It's likely that we'll build a proposal for a customized travel program just for you. Or, we might present our services to your key stakeholders and assist you with obtaining leadership buy-in. Either way, we will have in hand a clear set of next steps that get you closer to your goal.

Ready to get started?

The ball is in your court! Contact us. We're excited to hear your ideas.